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How to Choose the Best Non-toxic Janitorial Supplies for Your Business

When you are searching for high-quality janitorial supplies in Tucson, one consideration may be how environmentally friendly the supplies are. Some of these chemicals even leave behind volatile organic compounds that get into the air and create fumes that make it difficult to breathe.

These tips can help you find the best non-toxic source of a good floor cleaning solution.

Look for Single Function Solutions

If you just need to clean the floors, find a cleaner that only does that function. Solutions that also polish or whiten flooring have added chemicals that you might not necessarily need at the time. Your floors will need to be cleaned more often than they need to be polished, waxed or bleached.


Going Green: Is It the Right Choice for Your Janitorial Supplies?

Incorporating green practices in cleaning means making use of cleaning supplies and materials that are environmentally-friendly. It also means making use of cleaning methods that produce as small a carbon footprint as possible. There are a number of ways by which you and other Tucson firms can “go green” with your cleaning programs.

Familiarize yourself with green products

The easiest and most basic way of starting your green cleaning process is to know what chemicals and cleaning solutions are environmentally safe. It can be quite tempting to just get the first cleaning solution that has a “100% biodegradable” tag, but the best way to go would be to check out the ingredients, or the Materials Safety Data Sheet, of the cleaning solutions that you use and compare them with what the National Institute of Health’s database has to say. If your janitorial supplies come with toxic ingredients, look for better alternatives.

Want to be a Cleaning Contractor? Get the Right Janitorial Supplies

Cleaning is a decent-paying job with a flexible schedule that allows a person to be his or her own boss and see immediate satisfaction from the work they do. The pay scale for nighttime janitorial work will vary depending on where a person works and if he or she chooses to work as an independent contractor or as an employee for a cleaning company. Employees can expect to get paid less than a contractor; however, they do not have to worry about insurance, licensing or making sure that they have contacts with a janitorial supply chain specialist such ICA Supply.

The Importance of Using the Right Janitorial Supplies for Your Space

When you think about cleaning your commercial facility in Tucson, you understandably focus on removing dirt, grease, grime, bacteria, and other unwanted elements from all of your surfaces. These elements can make your facility appear dirty, and they also pose health hazards to everyone in the vicinity. However, while cleaning your facility should create a healthier overall environment, many commonly used cleaning products are actually harmful to people. When you are shopping for janitorial supplies, it is important to review their ingredients and to only purchase effective, non-toxic cleaning agents.

Get Quality Janitorial Supplies to Keep a Spotlessly Clean Workplace

Looking professional does not only apply to new applicants or employees. First and foremost, it should also reflect in the office environment itself, and nothing says utmost professionalism than cleanliness. If you want to make your place of business just as respectable and sophisticated as you are, you need to begin by identifying what supplies you need and then locate a company that can provide the same.
It will certainly be a major investment, and that’s why you need to find a company with experience not only in providing janitorial supply for Tucson businesses, but also in helping clients determine their critical cleaning needs. Putting together a delivery plan will also enable you will to manage your inventory much more effectively.

Tucson Janitorial Supplies Help Keep Your Restroom Smelling Fresh

There’s more to keeping a restroom clean than just making sure it looks clean. There is also the matter of disinfecting all surfaces and eliminating foul odors. After all, a foul odor in the bathroom is enough to drive customers away.

Although losing customers because of a smelly bathroom may sound silly, the fact is that you need to use the proper Tucson janitorial supplies and observe the correct cleaning techniques. This way, you can ensure customer satisfaction and steer clear of sanitation concerns that could spell disaster.

Disinfectant Janitorial Supplies in Tucson Keep the Office Healthy

The flu can decimate an office’s productivity just as effectively as a natural disaster or security breach, and that spells bad news for business owners. The Tennessean columnist Todd Barnes highlights how maintaining basic office sanitation and cleanliness with janitorial supplies in Tucson can help keep you in business.

Come to work nonetheless

Surveys indicate that more than half of employees will show up for work despite a health condition. Some said they would do it to please their bosses, while others would do it out of fear of being reprimanded or even fired. Unfortunately, the chance of a healthy employee contracting a virus more than doubles if an infected person is present for work.